New Service Request

Standard Water Services:


1) $125.00 non-refundable Hydraulic Application Fee is required for new service or to re-establish service. This review consists of computer modeling to determine the impact on the system, and any recommended system upgrade. This is conducted by our servicing Engineer of Record. See Form below for Standard Hydraulic Application.

2) Once results have been received from the Engineer, El Oso WSC will notify the applicant if services are APPROVED or NOT APPROVED due to the recommendations indicated by our servicing Engineer of Record.

To Obtain service after approval the following documents are required:

1) Service Agreement Application signed by the owner.

2) Copy of Deed with recording information (Volume and Page) or a copy of the Contract for Deed (additional information may be acquired).

3) Copy of the survey plat with field notes of the property.

4) $2,600 fee if the service line is on the same side of the road as property location for a 5/8" X 3/4" meter.

5) If the service line is not on property, an El Oso employee will visit the property location, obtain a footage distance from the nearest point of adequate supply to the desired meter location chosen by the customer and calculate all costs associated with extending a water line to the customer's property. A cost estimate will be provided to the customer within 30 days and shall remain in effect for a period not to exceed 30 days. After that time the applicant must re-apply for service.

6) $75.00 Customer Service Inspection Fee will be collected to cover the cost of a mandatory inspection in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). A complete inspection is to be performed within 30 days of completion of the customer's new service line.


It is the policy of El Oso to require one paid meter and tap for each residence and dwelling for human habitation.

The General Manager will detect possible multiple dwellings on one meter, a written notice to the suspect violating party and/or parties violating this policy, and require pre-payment for the setting of additional water meters for the dwellings requiring the same.

Non-compliance shall constitute the basis for a disconnect from El Oso's system, such reconnection fee to be borne by the member/customer.