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Pressure regulators/Personal cut-off valves or Dual Check Valves

The El Oso Water Supply Corporation (EOWSC) Board of Directors has voted to uphold and enforce all policies as written in the EOWSC Tariff.

Therefore, as of October 1, 2016, the EOWSC will no longer replace and/or adjust pressure regulators, personal cut-off valves, or dual check valves.  These devices will be the sole responsiblity of the customer to maintain, adjust, and replace as is necessary.

EOWSC maintains the curb stop on our side of water meter.  We ask that you do not use this valve to cut your water on and off.  Some older assemblies may not have a personal cut-off valve.  If your meer assembly is not equipped with a cut-off valve we strongly encourage you to have one installed before you have a major leak and subsequent large water loss on your side of the line.

Futhermore, the resposnbility of EWOSC for maintenance issues ends at the meter.  If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Inspector at (830) 583-3543.